Finding the Right Israel Tour Company in Toronto

Published on November 30, 2017 by IBMT

If you’re searching online for an Israel tour company in Toronto, it’s all about being informed and making smart decisions. For those who are ready to travel with an organized tour, choosing a good tour operator is a good place to start. For those who are looking for an Israel tour company in Toronto, a number of considerations will come up. You might be going for a special occasion. You might be including the entire family. You might want to explore your roots. Or, you might be looking for a religious tour. With a reputable and experienced tour company, it can be possible.

Finding a reputable Israel tour company in Toronto


Needless to say, asking friends and family for a recommendation is a good start. For those who have already travelled with an Israel tour company in Toronto, they’ll know which company is experienced and re

Israel Tour Company in Toronto, Jewish flag

putable – and they’ll know whom to avoid. Google reviews have something to offer, although talking directly with the tour operator is best. Experienced Israel tour operators can offer countless options when it comes to length of stay, focus of travel, and special needs.


Making sure the tour operator offers what you want

Getting what you want in an Israel tour is essential for having a satisfying trip. You may want everything organized - from flight, to accommodations, to touring. You may have a specific number of days in mind. Or you may be looking for a “family” trip with kids and elders in one big group. As an experienced Israel tour company in Toronto, IBMT Tours can offer a wide range of travel itineraries, with accommodation options, various city tours, and even different languages.

Touring Israel requires an experienced tour operator

IBMT Tours has offices in Israel, and is dedicated to personal service from the minute travellers arrive at the airport. In fact, Israel touring is a specialty - with Bar Mitzvah Tours, Jewish Heritage Tours, Holyland Tours, and even Classic Tours from Jerusalem to Eilat. Tours can also be arranged in a choice of English or Hebrew for those who prefer. For those who prefer all-inclusive, many tours include transfers, accommodations, meals, ground transportation, and expertly guided tours.

Getting great deals when travelling at “off season”

Like other world destinations, travelling to Israel can be at “peak season”, “mid-season” or “off-season” – each of which offers various price points.  Any season, IBMT Tours delivers good value.  

Peak season in Israel is March-April; June-August; and September-October. Summer is obviously the most popular time for visiting, as are the Jewish annual holidays (New Year and Passover).

Off-season in Israel is from December to February. It’s winter, temperatures are lower, and rain is not unusual. Except for Christmas and New Year, hotel prices tend to be the lowest of the year.

The so-called “sweet spot” for travel to Israel is either in May or November. During these months, the weather is temperate, and because of the demand, tour packages tend to be less expensive.

Choosing from a range of religious tour packages

IBMT Tours offers religious tour packages for travellers who are focused on exploring their roots or discovering the traditions and culture of an ancient land. Jewish, Christian, or Muslim, IBMT Tours has a package to suit – visiting historical landmarks; religious sites; and archaeology from a thousand years. Best of all, the all-inclusive Israel packages incorporate everything – from air travel, to ground transportation, to hotel accommodation, to meals and daily excursions.

If you are interested in booking a trip and enjoying a full-service tour company experience, be sure to contact us for more details. 

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We just returned from Israel on an IBMT Bar Mitzvah Tour for our three grandsons.  We had enough family members to warrant our own bus.  After checking out many tour companies we went with IBMT and all of us were glad we did.  The hotels were fabulous and the rooms allotted even more so.  From the INBAL in Jerusalem, KFAR BLUM in the Galilee, the SHERATON in Tel Aviv, to the ROYAL BEACH in Eilat we couldn’t have asked for more.  Our meals were equally excellent.  Beginning with a welcome reception ...

Mrs. Hiala & Dr. Charles Balaban, Toronto

We recently returned from a IBMT Tour for our son’s Bar Mitzvah and we all agree that it was the best vacation that we have taken to date.  The tour was well organized and the staff were friendly and very knowledgeable.  The events that they include in the tour include everything “must see” in Israel and activities that will make you laugh, cry, and everything in between.  The tour allows for activities for all ages and accommodates anyone who wants to do more or less than they have planned.  It is ...

Michael Rodney, Toronto, Canada

To Ornan and  IBMT Tours staff,

We just got back from tour with IBMT for our Bat Mitzvah Tour in Israel.

We are so glad we have chosen the right company for our tour as I can’t express my words of how wonderful this tour company was, starting before we left, the personal service they showed here back home and later the service in Israel with our great tour guide Natalie who was so informative on every place we went and what we saw. It was so wonderful to listen to a ...

Chana Pulvermacher, Brooklyn, NY - 2017

Dear Sheryl,

The visit to Israel was better than advertised. All of us had an awesome and inspiring vacation or as I call it, an education. Danny is one of the nicest and smartest men I have had the pleasure of meeting. He made the trip so special and I cannot imagine any other person showing us Israel but Danny.

Hotels were great but for Eilat, but no big deal. Food in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv restaurants were delicious. Sheila in Tel Aviv was extraordinary. Dinners at hotels just “so so”. Loved Mitzpe ...

Craig Savage,


Thank you very much for the IBMT Bat Mitzvah tour we just completed.  We had a fabulous time & there were lots of special little parts from the tour that contributed to that.  The different experiences for dinner were very special, and I liked the variety of different types of sites/attractions.  Our tour guide Natalie was excellent, and I heard good things from the other group about their guide Liat.

Thanks again

Adam Waese, OSHAWA, ONT

9 Days Holyland Tour

Sara / Ornan,

I had a fabulous time on this tour and highly recommend it to anyone interested.  We had an especially knowledgeable guide with us Doron Hoffman who as a history major added so much more information and had a great demeanor.  I was part of an international group and made some new friends.   




Janie Carpenter, US Embassy Moscow

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