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Published on July 01, 2017 by IBMT

With some of the most famed destinations in the world, the tourist attractions in Peru combine history, culture and nature into one. Peru is the land of the ancient Inca and has become one of South America’s ultimate destinations. The sights are astounding and the local cuisine delectable.

The Inca Trail

The Inca Trail actually consists of 3 trails. The longest trail (Mollepata) takes hikers into the “cloud forest” and through the “alpine tundra” before reaching Machu Picchu. Two other trails require high altitude trekking (not for everyone). The hiking is truly a life-changing experience.

Machu Picchu

Probably the most famous of all tourist attractions in Peru is Machu Picchu, the endpoint of the Inca Trail. Sometimes called the “Lost City of the Incas”, it’s the most prominent symbol of the Inca peoples. Machu Picchu is situated between the Andes Mountains and the Amazon Basin.

Cusco City

Walking throughout the stone streets of Cusco, travellers are dazzled by the Qoriacancha Palace and the Church of Santo Domingo, amongst the many attractions. This is a “high-altitude” tourist experience with encompassing amazing textiles, cultural festivals, and wondrous archaeology.

Huaca Pucllana

One of Lima’s most notable historical ruins, Huaca Pucllana (the Pucllana Temple), is an adobe ceremonial center built during the cultural height of Lima’s unique history. The ruins have been restored, and with ongoing archaeological excavations, artifacts are always being uncovered.

Aguas Calientes

Another one of the more popular tourist attractions in Peru, Aguas Calientes is a small valley town that is the principal access to Machu Picchu. It’s also known as Machu Picchu Pueblo, and although it’s a magnificent natural setting, the best approach for tourists is a day trip from Cusco.

The Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley (Urubamba Valley) is north of Cusco through narrow, winding roads. Full of colonial towns and isolated villages, the region is one of the tourist attractions in Peru that has quickly gained attention. Some of the featured attractions are in Pisac and Ollantaytambo.

Ballestas Islands

The Ballestas Islands are a memorable tourist excursion at any time of year. Accessible only by boat, it’s a unique opportunity for an upfront experience with sea lions, pelicans, and penguins. Well worth the trip, these islands are often referred to as the “poor man’s Galapago Islands”.

Lake Titicaca

As the largest lake in South America, Lake Titicaca is also the highest navigable water body in the world. The sky is brilliantly blue – the nights are bitterly cold – and the region is full of ancient cathedrals, crop fields, and llamas. Everything lies in the shadow of the towering Andean peaks.


As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Arequipa is an absolutely beautiful site – with an historical past that includes Inca culture, colonial influences, and more modern impacts. It’s considered less crowded than the highly popular Cusco, and tourists can find satisfying nightlife and dining.

Colca Canyon

One of the deepest canyons in the world, Colca Canyon remains one of the most popular tourist attractions in Peru. For some, this is worth more than just a day trip because of the opportunities to trek the canyon. The village of Cabanaconde is totally isolated, although full of traditions.

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Marcia, Eli and Max Lawrence, Chicago, IL

I want to thank you for a most fabulous trip/experience/adventure ! We had a great time !! And so enjoyed and appreciated so many of the wonderful surprises that IBMT had for us ! The bar Mitzvah day was amazing and the party that night an absolute thrill !!!! What a memory ! The hotels were great! We saw/ learned and did so much in 2 weeks ! What a great time ! What great people on our trip, what a fascinating country .

Lisa Weinberg, Toronto, Canada

We returned from our trip yesterday and are now recovering from jet lag.
We had a great time and both believe this was one of the best vacations we have ever taken. I expected to enjoy Israel, but not to the extent that I did. The trip was well-planned, full of activities and we greatly enjoyed the tour guide, Nadav.
Thank you for putting together such a wonderful trip. We have friends considering a Bar Mitzvah trip for their grandchildren and will recommend IBMT to them.

Kathy Mattes, San Francisco

How to I begin to thank you for an awesome Bar Mitzvah Tour that literally has changed my soul. I love Israel and will seriously get behind doing whatever I can do to help our state. I am a proud American but my heart belongs to Israel. We had an experience that was like none other, we enjoyed our group immensely and Natalie is a golden jewel, never to be cast off as she held us all together and so knowledgeable about every aspect. She is quite the tour guide! And our driver great too.

Joan Ross, Palm Spring, CA

Hi Ornan,

"Opting to celebrate our son's bar mitzvah this summer with IBMT is one of the best decisions we've ever made.  The itinerary took us to places around the country that I've never experienced on previous trips to Israel.  Experiencing our son's bar mitzvah atop Masada as opposed to a more rushed, crowded experience at the wall truly sets IBMT apart from other tour companies.  The professionalism of the IBMT staff both in North America and Israel was superb...everything was incredibly well organized and we were heartened by IBMT's level of diligence in ensuring that every hotel and restaurant fully accommodated our son's food allergies.  Our tour guide Natalie was the highlight of the trip -- she is warm, incredibly knowledgeable, and tailored the experience for everyone's needs.  The other families on our tour were excellent, excellent people and we've made friendships that will last for many years to come."

Warm regards,

David M Zimmerman, Jericho, NY - 2017

To Ornan and  IBMT Tours staff,

We just got back from tour with IBMT for our Bat Mitzvah Tour in Israel.

We are so glad we have chosen the right company for our tour as I can’t express my words of how wonderful this tour company was, starting before we left, the personal service they showed here back home and later the service in Israel with our great tour guide Natalie who was so informative on every place we went and what we saw. It was so wonderful to listen to a person with so much knowledge, she made it very interesting for all of us to enjoy and we all became one big family.
Fun, Excitement & Connection, IBMT you are more then that.

Everyone took care of each other looking after the children, everyone pitched in
“Just like one Big Mishpucha”

I would like to thank you Ornan for a great tour that you have provided for me and my family in Israel.

Chana Pulvermacher, Brooklyn, NY - 2017

Dear Ornan,

We recently returned from our IBMT - Israel Bar - Bat Mitzvah Tour.  We loved it. 

Natalie did everything a guide should do and more. She is very knowledgeable, well spoken and fun. She interacted well with everyone....parents,  grandparents,  aunts and uncles and definitely the kids. All our accommodations were first class. The touring was well planned and comprehensive. 

Thank you very much.



Ruth Baruch and Gary Satz , Hollywood. FL

Bar Mitzvah Tour in Europe

Hi Ornan

We just returned from our trip this afternoon. We had a wonderful time and our trip was seamless! All three guides were great and drivers were professional as well.
Thanks for putting together the Siddur. It will be such a nice memento.

One quick question-is there a way to forward  an additional tip on to Budapest guide Agi Antal? Is it best to deal with her directly or can I send you a check to be given to her by her tour group? I am not sure how that works???

Thanks again for planning such a great trip!!  We will highly recommend your services to others!



Shayna Green and Eric Genin, Northbrook , IL


Thank you very much for the IBMT Bat Mitzvah tour we just completed.  We had a fabulous time & there were lots of special little parts from the tour that contributed to that.  The different experiences for dinner were very special, and I liked the variety of different types of sites/attractions.  Our tour guide Natalie was excellent, and I heard good things from the other group about their guide Liat.

One minor scheduling suggestion I had:  we had a market tour for dinner Thursday night in Jerusalem, which came after an intense outdoor day.  I would suggest trying to pair that experience with one of the easier days.  Even the high energy kids were pretty beat by dinner time.  For us North Americans, walking around in the sun is quite difficult; counting towards a challenging day. 

The Jordan River experiences were a highlight for the young people, as was the chocolate factory, and donkey riding.  It was nice having the free Saturday to choose your own sites in Jerusalem (I know this isn't really optional since its the weekend, but it fits in nicely). 

So many of the individual attraction guides were really funny, which was another highlight.  Amir, the donkey guy from Winnipeg, Manitoba is a stand-up comic at his job, and having Abraham from Australia hosting the Bar Mitzvah party was quite entertaining.

We went on our own to the new Laser Tag in Jerusalem, called Space Laser, on the Saturday night...opens around 9pm.  Between the laser tag and the amazing virtual reality machines they had there, this was a really fun spot.  The VR tech they had there was astounding.

Thanks again,



Adam Waese, OSHAWA, ONT

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