10 Days Italy Fantasia Tour

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Tour Overview

10 Days Fantasia Tour




Benvenuto a tutti! Welcome to Bella Roma! Upon arriving at the airport, self-transfer to your hotel and spend your first marvelous day in Italy roaming and discovering as you please in the Eternal City.




After an early departure (7:15 am) by luxurious coach you will arrive in the picturesque medieval town of Assisi, excited to discover, at your liberty, this delightful walled town. Visit the Basilica of St. Francis, where you will view enthralling masterpieces by Giotto and Cimabue and, then have relaxing pause for lunch (not included). Return to the bus to travel to Siena, a Unesco World Heritage Site, known worldwide for the Palio, the thrilling time honoured horse race around the uniquely shaped town square, Piazza del Campo. Continue on to Florence, where you will check in at your hotel and then enjoy a pleasurable dinner and perhaps a gelato at one of the many artiginal gelaterias to be discovered in Florence. (B,D)




After breakfast, spend the day roaming around spectacularly beautiful Florence often called the “Cradle of Renaissance”, where, with the help of Michelangelo, Italian art reached its zenith. With Etruscan-Roman origins, the city burgeoned in the Middle Ages as a free Comune and was further enlightened during the Age of the Renaissance. You will be truly fascinated by the uncountable monuments and churches such as Santa Maria del Fiore, commonly referred to as the Duomo. You will be impressed by its magnificent dome built by Filippo Brunelleschi. Nearby, opposite a small piazza you will see the “Campanile” tower (partially designed by Giotto) and the Baptistery, with its bronze doors where Michelangelo imagined the mythical “Gates of Paradise.” Visiting the inner city you will visit the “famosissima” Piazza della Signoria (also known as Palazzo Vecchio), and the Basilica of Santa Croce. Enjoy a typical Tuscan lunch in Piazza Santa Croce then spend the afternoon wandering the cobblestoned streets of Florence unescorted, or take a short trip to Pisa (optional), one of the four main historical Marine Republics of Italy. In Pisa you will be enchanted by the Piazza dei Miracoli with the Duomo, the Baptistery and of course Pisa’s iconic Leaning Tower. A leisurely dinner at a restaurant of your choice ends the evening. Overnight stay is in Florence. (B) 



We have breakfast Florence, then an immediate departure for historic Bologna to discover the arresting elegance of the city centre with its quaint porticos and fashionable shopping streets. From Piazza Malpighi you will walk to Piazza del Nettuno and Piazza Maggiore in the heart of the city, then on to view the grandeur of King Renzo’s Palace, Palazzo Podestà and the beautiful Basilica of San Petronio, one of the largest in the world. Bologna is a genuine heaven for gourmets, so do not miss an exquisite meal in this esteemed gastronomic centre. In the afternoon our tour continues to Padova, and we will see Sant’Antonio Basilica, a church frequently visited by pilgrims of the Catholic world. We arrive later that afternoon in glorious Venice, the City of Love, named one of the most romantic cities in the world. As you will discover Venice is indeed one of the most visually stunning cities conceived by man. Arrive at your hotel, relax and enjoy dinner and an overnight stay. (B,D)




Following breakfast, relax and luxuriate in a private water-taxi to Piazza San Marco, and take advantage of “skip the line” tickets to marvel at the awesome Basilica San Marco. We go on to discover one of the most iconic spots in the “Floating City”: the Palazzo dei Dogi, symbol of Venice’s illustrious past and then continue on to savour the legendary “Bridge of Sighs”. The afternoon is yours to meander along Venice’s canals on you own schedule. Eventually return to the hotel for a Venetian dinner and overnight stay. (B,D)  




From Piazzale Roma (following breakfast) we head towards venerated and pictorial Tuscany, world renowned for its landscapes, its churches and castles and its distinctive wines. You will continue to Val di Chiana, with a stopover in charming Montepulciano, a medieval village bounteous in art and history. Known for its “Nobile” wine, available for purchase in local wine houses, Montepulciano is famous for the yearly jazz and wine festival every July. Relish a free afternoon exploring the many landmarks of Montepulciano. You may discover free wine tastings in many wine shops and there is plenty of time to explore the memorable shops. After a pleasurable and enriching day you will travel to Rome and check in to your hotel. Dinner and overnight. (B,D)



After a traditional cappuccino and cornetto (7:45-8:am) we leave from the hotel for the long awaited tour of the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peters’s Basilica taking advantage of our exclusive “Skip the Line” service (tour is included). Your guide will lead you into the magnificent museums where you will encounter one of the most important art collections in the world. Walk along the stunning Galleries of Tapestries and Geographical Maps before entering Raphael’s Rooms and, then finally gaze upon the breathtaking genius of the Sistine Chapel. After viewing this incredible masterpiece, you will be taken by a preferential door into astounding St. Peters’s Basilica: the largest and most famous church in the world! The tour ends outside in St.Peter’s Square. Enjoy the rest of the day exploring this truly incredible and historical city at and discover why the name Eternal City is so appropriate. You may also choose any one of our selected tours for the afternoon or evening. Rome at night (di notte) is truly magnificent! We stay in Rome overnight. (B)



Following an early breakfast you will be picked up at your hotel at approximately 7:00 am. We travel by luxury coach and head south, across the prominent regions of Lazio and Campania. Our arrival in illustrious Naples begins with a short panoramic tour seeing important sites such as Mergellina, Castel dell’Ovo, Santa Lucia. We then continue to the “once in a lifetime” experience of astonishing Pompeii. Enjoy lunch before entering in Pompeii and then marvel at the ruins of the famous Roman city destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. After leaving Pompeii, you will drive along the absolutely glorious Sorrentine Coast, arriving in Sorrento in time for dinner (dress code is a jacket for men) and an overnight stay. (B,D) 



Breakfast at your hotel and ample time to discover stunning Sorrento with its breathtaking views and café lined piazzas. You may choose a visit to the fabled and charming island of Capri (not included) or take a spectacular Amalfi coast excursion (not included). At approximately 4:00 pm we depart back to Rome for another overnight stay in Bella Roma. (B)

DAY 10


Breakfast at the hotel. End of our services. Our tour ends with breakfast at your hotel. Arrivaderci Roma! (B)
B = Breakfast   D = Dinner

Dates & Rates

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25 Oct 201826 Oct 201804 Nov 2018$1808$2454$1808BOOK THIS TOUR
27 Oct 201828 Oct 201806 Nov 2018$1808$2454$1808BOOK THIS TOUR
03 Nov 201804 Nov 201813 Nov 2018$1515$2084$1515BOOK THIS TOUR
10 Nov 201811 Nov 201820 Nov 2018$1515$2084$1515BOOK THIS TOUR
17 Nov 201818 Nov 201827 Nov 2018$1515$2084$1515BOOK THIS TOUR
01 Dec 201802 Dec 201811 Dec 2018$1515$2084$1515BOOK THIS TOUR
22 Dec 201823 Dec 201801 Jan 2019$1583$2213$1583BOOK THIS TOUR
12 Jan 201913 Jan 201922 Jan 2019$1515$2084$1515BOOK THIS TOUR
26 Jan 201927 Jan 201905 Feb 2019$1515$2084$1515BOOK THIS TOUR
09 Feb 201910 Feb 201919 Feb 2019$1515$2084$1515BOOK THIS TOUR
23 Feb 201924 Feb 201905 Mar 2019$1515$2084$1515BOOK THIS TOUR
09 Mar 201910 Mar 201919 Mar 2019$1515$2084$1515BOOK THIS TOUR
16 Mar 201917 Mar 201926 Mar 2019$1515$2084$1515BOOK THIS TOUR
23 Mar 201924 Mar 201902 Apr 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
30 Mar 201931 Mar 201909 Apr 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
06 Apr 201907 Apr 201916 Apr 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
13 Apr 201914 Apr 201923 Apr 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
20 Apr 201921 Apr 201930 Apr 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
27 Apr 201928 Apr 201907 May 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
02 May 201903 May 201912 May 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
04 May 201905 May 201914 May 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
09 May 201910 May 201919 May 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
11 May 201912 May 201921 May 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
16 May 201917 May 201926 May 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
18 May 201919 May 201928 May 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
23 May 201924 May 201902 Jun 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
25 May 201926 May 201904 Jun 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
30 May 201931 May 201909 Jun 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
01 Jun 201902 Jun 201911 Jun 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
06 Jun 201907 Jun 201916 Jun 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
08 Jun 201909 Jun 201918 Jun 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
13 Jun 201914 Jun 201923 Jun 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
15 Jun 201916 Jun 201925 Jun 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
20 Jun 201921 Jun 201930 Jun 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
22 Jun 201923 Jun 201902 Jul 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
27 Jun 201928 Jun 201907 Jul 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
29 Jun 201930 Jun 201909 Jul 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
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13 Jul 201914 Jul 201923 Jul 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
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25 Jul 201926 Jul 201904 Aug 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
27 Jul 201928 Jul 201906 Aug 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
01 Aug 201902 Aug 201911 Aug 2019$1772$2408$1772BOOK THIS TOUR
03 Aug 201904 Aug 201913 Aug 2019$1772$2408$1772BOOK THIS TOUR
08 Aug 201909 Aug 201918 Aug 2019$1772$2408$1772BOOK THIS TOUR
10 Aug 201911 Aug 201920 Aug 2019$1772$2408$1772BOOK THIS TOUR
15 Aug 201916 Aug 201925 Aug 2019$1772$2408$1772BOOK THIS TOUR
17 Aug 201918 Aug 201927 Aug 2019$1772$2408$1772BOOK THIS TOUR
22 Aug 201923 Aug 201901 Sep 2019$1772$2408$1772BOOK THIS TOUR
24 Aug 201925 Aug 201903 Sep 2019$1772$2408$1772BOOK THIS TOUR
29 Aug 201930 Aug 201908 Sep 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
31 Aug 201901 Sep 201910 Sep 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
05 Sep 201906 Sep 201915 Sep 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
07 Sep 201908 Sep 201917 Sep 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
12 Sep 201913 Sep 201922 Sep 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
14 Sep 201915 Sep 201924 Sep 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
19 Sep 201920 Sep 201929 Sep 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
21 Sep 201922 Sep 201901 Oct 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
26 Sep 201927 Sep 201906 Oct 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
28 Sep 201929 Sep 201908 Oct 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
03 Oct 201904 Oct 201913 Oct 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
05 Oct 201906 Oct 201915 Oct 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
10 Oct 201911 Oct 201920 Oct 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
12 Oct 201913 Oct 201922 Oct 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
17 Oct 201918 Oct 201927 Oct 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
19 Oct 201920 Oct 201929 Oct 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
24 Oct 201925 Oct 201903 Nov 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR
26 Oct 201927 Oct 201905 Nov 2019$1880$2546$1880BOOK THIS TOUR

* All prices in USD


The Tour includes:

• Transportation by deluxe motorcoach

• Monolingual tour-escort in English

• Accommodation in hotels

• Meals as per itinerary

• Entrance to the archaeological site in Pompeii with “skip the line” (when included in the itinerary)

• Entrance ticket to Vatican Museums & St. Peter’s Basilica with “skip the line” (when included in the itinerary)

• Visits with local expert guide as per itinerary (Rome, Florence, Venice, Sorrento, Capri,      Palermo,  Agrigento, Siracusa)

• Entrance to the archaeological sites in Sicily on our Fantasia Siciliana, Fantasia Mediterranea and Fantasia All Italy.

• Entrance to the St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice with “skip the line” (when included in the itinerary)

• Visit of the Blue Grotto in Capri (when included in the itinerary)

• Porterage included on our escorted tours in Sicily


Tour does not include:

• Porterage service

•Transfer from airport / hotel

• Drinks

• Entrance fees to monuments or museums when not mentioned

• City tax for overnight stays (according to each city council rules) It shall be paid directly at the hotel

• Everything that is not mentioned in the paragraph “the tour includes”

Transfer IN/OUT is included only when booking the “Fantasia 8 days / 7 Nights”.




  • Florence: Mediterraneo 
  • Venice: Delfino (Mestre)
  • Rome: Rome Garden or Santa Costanza
  • Sorrento: Michelangelo

HOTEL: 4 - 1/2 STARS

  • Florence: Mediterraneo 
  • Venice: Carlton G. Canal
  • Rome: Rome Bettoja Hotel
  • Sorrento: Michelangelo


ITALIAN STYLE: designed by Italians for Travellers looking for an authentic experience.

BEST ACCOMODATION: overnight stays in Selected Centrally Located Hotels


HEADSETS: Our clients are provided with headsets to let them follow clearly the information provided by our tour leader and local guides

ATTENTION TO FOOD QUALITY served during the tour: 

We take care of quality and freshness of food served to all Travellers!


Stretch your legs with extra legroom on Carrani Fantasia coaches! We have more space on board to pamper our Travellers with the most comfortable trip.


We only work with licensed Professionals. All our Tour Guides are experienced and friendly!



We're happy to provide our Travellers free wi-fi on board to let them be in touch with family & friends, sharing ther journey’s experiences!


Fantasia Tours are incredibly affordable and offer the best quality/price ratio.


Meeting Point and Time:

Fantasia departs from the Hotel Massimo D’Azeglio in Rome at 7.15 am

Note: On high season the visit to Capri is included in the following dates March 27 - April 3 10 17 24 - May 1 6 8 13 15 20 22 27 29

June 3 5 10 12 17 19 24 26 - August 28 - September 2 4 9 11 16 18 23 25 30 - October 2 7 9 14 16 21 23 28

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We recently returned from a IBMT Tour for our son’s Bar Mitzvah and we all agree that it was the best vacation that we have taken to date.  The tour was well organized and the staff were friendly and very knowledgeable.  The events that they include in the tour include everything “must see” in Israel and activities that will make you laugh, cry, and everything in between.  The tour allows for activities for all ages and accommodates anyone who wants to do more or less than they have planned.  It is ...

Michael Rodney, Toronto, Canada

To Ornan and  IBMT Tours staff,

We just got back from tour with IBMT for our Bat Mitzvah Tour in Israel.

We are so glad we have chosen the right company for our tour as I can’t express my words of how wonderful this tour company was, starting before we left, the personal service they showed here back home and later the service in Israel with our great tour guide Natalie who was so informative on every place we went and what we saw. It was so wonderful to listen to a ...

Chana Pulvermacher, Brooklyn, NY - 2017

Dear Sheryl,

The visit to Israel was better than advertised. All of us had an awesome and inspiring vacation or as I call it, an education. Danny is one of the nicest and smartest men I have had the pleasure of meeting. He made the trip so special and I cannot imagine any other person showing us Israel but Danny.

Hotels were great but for Eilat, but no big deal. Food in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv restaurants were delicious. Sheila in Tel Aviv was extraordinary. Dinners at hotels just “so so”. Loved Mitzpe ...

Craig Savage,


Thank you very much for the IBMT Bat Mitzvah tour we just completed.  We had a fabulous time & there were lots of special little parts from the tour that contributed to that.  The different experiences for dinner were very special, and I liked the variety of different types of sites/attractions.  Our tour guide Natalie was excellent, and I heard good things from the other group about their guide Liat.

Thanks again

Adam Waese, OSHAWA, ONT

9 Days Holyland Tour

Sara / Ornan,

I had a fabulous time on this tour and highly recommend it to anyone interested.  We had an especially knowledgeable guide with us Doron Hoffman who as a history major added so much more information and had a great demeanor.  I was part of an international group and made some new friends.   




Janie Carpenter, US Embassy Moscow

Hi Ornan,

"Opting to celebrate our son's bar mitzvah this summer with IBMT is one of the best decisions we've ever made.  The itinerary took us to places around the country that I've never experienced on previous trips to Israel.  Experiencing our son's bar mitzvah atop Masada as opposed to a more rushed, crowded experience at the wall truly sets IBMT apart from other tour companies.  The professionalism of the IBMT staff both in North America and Israel was superb...everything was incredibly well organized and we were heartened ...

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