14 Days Israel Grand Jewish Heritage Tour + Eilat

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Tour Overview

14 Days Grand Jewish Heritage Tour

This tour is available also with private guide. For information call us at 1.877.977.4268 

DAY 1 Thursday


Non-stop overnight flight from USA/CANADA to Tel Aviv. Get ready to enjoy one of the best tours you have ever had. IBMT Tours, with its own operations office in Jerusalem is dedicated to provide personal service to all of our valued guests

DAY 2 Friday

DAY 2 Friday

Ben Gurion Airport / Tel Aviv

Upon arrival in Tel Aviv your IBMT Tours representative will meet you at the airport and assist you through customs, before boarding your bus for the transfer to your hotel in Tel Aviv. 
Overnight in Tel Aviv.  

DAY 3 Saturday

At Leisure

Overnight in Tel Aviv. 

DAY 4 Sunday

Caesarea / Haifa / Acre / Rosh Hanikra

Drive north to Caesarea, once the Roman capital of the region; see the excavations of the Crusaders' city, the aqueduct and the amphitheatre that has been restored as a concert venue. Proceed to Haifa to visit the Clandestine Immigration and Naval museum ("Af al Pi Chen") and hear the story of the illegal immigrants to Israel at the time of the British mandate. Drive to Acre, the Old City recognized by UNESCO as world heritage site; walk through the old port and local market. Continue to Rosh Hanikra; descend by cable car into the underwater grottoes and admire the spectacular natural formation. Overnight at a Kibbutz guesthouse.

DAY 5 Monday

DAY 5 Monday

Safed / Golan Heights / Tel-Hai

Drive to Safed, one of the four holy cities in Israel, center of the Kaballa movement; visit the Caro and Ari synagogues; stroll through the narrow alleyways and visit the picturesque Artists' quarter. Next, enjoy a Jeep tour at the foots of the Golan. Continue to the Golan Heights; stop at Gadot overlook, the memorial for the fallen of the Golan, located over former Syrian bunkers; view the monument built in honor of the Alexandroni brigade. Proceed for a magnificent observation point over the city of Kuneitra, and the Syrian territory. Drive to Tel-Hai; see the “Roaring Lion” monument and learn about the heroic battle of Josef Trumpeldor and his comrades in 1920. Meet with a Kibbutz member and learn about their unique lifestyle. Overnight at a Kibbutz guesthouse.

DAY 6 Tuesday

DAY 6 Tuesday

Tiberias / Beit Shean / Beit Alpha / Gan Hashlosha / Jerusalem

Drive to Tiberias to visit Rambam’s grave; Continue through the Jordan valley to Beit Shean, known as” Scythopolis”, and see the fascinating excavated remains from Roman and Byzantine periods. Stop at Beit Alpha to admire the beautiful mosaic floor of a synagogue discovered in 1929. Visit Gan Hashlosha national park and enjoy the warm spring water pools and waterfalls. Continue via the Jordan valley to Jerusalem; stop at Mount Scopus for a blessing as you enter the city. Overnight in Jerusalem.

DAY 7 Wednesday

Kotel Tunnels / Sepharadic Synagogues / Davidson Center / Tower of David

Visit the Tomb of King David on Mt. Zion.  Walk along the Cardo, heart of the ancient Roman City ; visit the four Sephardic Synagogues restored after 1967 war in the Jewish quarter; tour the Western Wall Tunnels; visit the archaeological park at Davidson Center; walk through the colorful local bazaar to  visit the Tower of David museum presenting the history of Jerusalem and ancient remains of the city beginning with the first temple period.

Overnight in Jerusalem.

DAY 8 Thursday

DAY 8 Thursday

Yad Vashem / Mt. Herzl / Ammunition Hill / Israel Museum

Drive through Mea Shearim, one of the oldest Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem and learn about the unique lifestyle of the ultra orthodox communities. Proceed to Mount Herzl, the military cemetery, and Yad Vashem the memorial to the Holocaust. Visit the Ammunition Hill, a former Jordanian army stronghold, conquered by the Israeli army in the six-day war, and converted into a national memorial site and museum. Drive by the Knesset, Israel’s parliament and see the Menorah with the biblical emblems.  Next visit Israel Museum, the Shrine of the Book where the Dead Sea scrolls are housed, and the Holyland model, a miniature replica of Jerusalem as it was during the second temple period. 

Overnight in Jerusalem.

DAY 9 Friday

Qumran / Masada / Dead Sea

Drive through the Judean desert to the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth. Visit Qumran, where the Dead Sea scrolls were found. Continue to Masada, ascend by cable car, and tour the mountain fortress built by King Herod, where the Zealots made their last stand against the Romans; visit the remains of the walls, palaces, synagogue, and bathhouse; descend by cable car. Next, stop for Lunch and Spa facilities in one of the leading hotels in the area and enjoy a "Swim" in the mineral rich Dead Sea.

Overnight in Jerusalem.

DAY 10 Saturday

DAY 10 Saturday

At leisure

Overnight in Jerusalem.

DAY 11 Sunday

DAY 11 Sunday

Negev Desert / Timna / Underwater Observatory

Travel south through the Negev desert; Stop at Timna, a large geological and archaelological park ; Marvel at the multi colored rock formations and copper mines; View the outstanding Solomon's pillars. Continue to Eilat, the southernmost resort city on the shores of the Red Sea; Visit the Underwater Observatory marine park, built into a coral reef and enjoy the opportunity for a close up look at the rich life of the Gulf of Eilat. Overnight in Eilat.

DAY 12 Monday

DAY 12 Monday

Free day in Eilat or day tour to Petra (with additional charge)

After assistance with visa to the Jordanian border, drive straight to Petra,the astonishing rose-red city built by the Nabateans (An early Arab tribe). Petra was renowned for its massive architecture, pools, dams and water channels. The visit begins with the possibility of a short horseback-riding for about 700 m. until the entrance of the Siq, which is about 1.2 km long (walking distance). Petra is famous for its huge monuments such as the treasury, royal tombs, the court, roman theatre, roman street, qasser el- bint (Palace of Pharaoh’s daughter) and many other smaller monuments which fascinate the visitors. The city itself is almost 45 square km and is considered to be the second wonder of the world. After the visit, time for lunch in a nice restaurant. After lunch drive back to border. On the way, a short visit to Aqaba with the possibility to stop and take a walk around. Transfer to the border at  around 18:00 p.m and crossing back to Eilat. Overnight in Eilat.

DAY 13 Tuesday

Mitzpe Ramon / Sde Boker / Airforce Museum

Depart  Eilat via Mitzpe Ramon; Stop to gaze into the Ramon crater, a geological wonder; Proceed to Sde Boker and see Ben Gurion's hut and grave overlooking the magnificent Zin valley. Stop for a camel ride and a visit to an authentic Bedouin tent; Learn about the Bedouin hospitality and enjoy a light lunch. Continue to Hatzerim and visit Israel's Airforce Museum to view the planes and equipment and to hear the story of this brave fighting force.

Overnight Tel-Aviv.

DAY 14 Wednesday

DAY 14 Wednesday

Tel Aviv / Ben Gurion Airport

After breakfast, transfer to Ben Gurion Airport for departure.


Dates & Rates

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25 Oct 201826 Oct 201807 Nov 2018$2953$4028$2100BOOK THIS TOUR
01 Nov 201802 Nov 201814 Nov 2018$2953$4028$2100BOOK THIS TOUR
08 Nov 201809 Nov 201821 Nov 2018$2953$4028$2100BOOK THIS TOUR
15 Nov 201816 Nov 201828 Nov 2018$2933$3991$2100BOOK THIS TOUR
22 Nov 201823 Nov 201805 Dec 2018$2894$3920$2100BOOK THIS TOUR
29 Nov 201830 Nov 201812 Dec 2018$2894$3920$2100BOOK THIS TOUR
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20 Dec 201821 Dec 201802 Jan 2019$2887$3907$2100BOOK THIS TOUR
27 Dec 201828 Dec 201809 Jan 2019$2887$3907$2100BOOK THIS TOUR
03 Jan 201904 Jan 201916 Jan 2019$2768$3690$2100BOOK THIS TOUR
10 Jan 201911 Jan 201923 Jan 2019$2768$3690$2100BOOK THIS TOUR
17 Jan 201918 Jan 201930 Jan 2019$2768$3690$2100BOOK THIS TOUR
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31 Jan 201901 Feb 201913 Feb 2019$2768$3690$2100BOOK THIS TOUR
07 Feb 201908 Feb 201920 Feb 2019$2768$3690$2100BOOK THIS TOUR
14 Feb 201915 Feb 201927 Feb 2019$2768$3690$2100BOOK THIS TOUR
21 Feb 201922 Feb 201906 Mar 2019$2831$3805$2100BOOK THIS TOUR
28 Feb 201901 Mar 201913 Mar 2019$3094$4242$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
07 Mar 201908 Mar 201920 Mar 2019$3094$4242$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
14 Mar 201915 Mar 201927 Mar 2019$3133$4309$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
21 Mar 201922 Mar 201903 Apr 2019$3133$4309$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
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04 Apr 201905 Apr 201917 Apr 2019$3133$4309$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
25 Apr 201926 Apr 201908 May 2019$3189$4410$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
02 May 201903 May 201915 May 2019$3133$4309$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
09 May 201910 May 201922 May 2019$3133$4309$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
16 May 201917 May 201929 May 2019$3133$4309$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
23 May 201924 May 201905 Jun 2019$3133$4309$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
30 May 201931 May 201912 Jun 2019$3224$4473$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
06 Jun 201907 Jun 201919 Jun 2019$3224$4473$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
13 Jun 201914 Jun 201926 Jun 2019$3168$4372$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
20 Jun 201921 Jun 201903 Jul 2019$3168$4372$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
27 Jun 201928 Jun 201910 Jul 2019$3168$4372$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
04 Jul 201905 Jul 201917 Jul 2019$3202$4431$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
11 Jul 201912 Jul 201924 Jul 2019$3202$4431$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
18 Jul 201919 Jul 201931 Jul 2019$3202$4431$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
25 Jul 201926 Jul 201907 Aug 2019$3202$4431$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
01 Aug 201902 Aug 201914 Aug 2019$3202$4431$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
08 Aug 201909 Aug 201921 Aug 2019$3202$4431$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
15 Aug 201916 Aug 201928 Aug 2019$3202$4431$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
22 Aug 201923 Aug 201904 Sep 2019$3132$4305$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
29 Aug 201930 Aug 201911 Sep 2019$3132$4305$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
05 Sep 201906 Sep 201918 Sep 2019$3132$4305$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
12 Sep 201913 Sep 201925 Sep 2019$3132$4305$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
24 Oct 201925 Oct 201906 Nov 2019$3133$4309$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
31 Oct 201901 Nov 201913 Nov 2019$3133$4309$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
07 Nov 201908 Nov 201920 Nov 2019$3133$4309$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
14 Nov 201915 Nov 201927 Nov 2019$3079$4213$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
21 Nov 201922 Nov 201904 Dec 2019$3079$4213$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
28 Nov 201929 Nov 201911 Dec 2019$3079$4213$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
05 Dec 201906 Dec 201918 Dec 2019$3079$4213$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
12 Dec 201913 Dec 201925 Dec 2019$3079$4213$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
19 Dec 201920 Dec 201901 Jan 2020$3051$4162$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
26 Dec 201927 Dec 201908 Jan 2020$3046$4155$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
02 Jan 202003 Jan 202015 Jan 2020$2937$3959$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
09 Jan 202010 Jan 202022 Jan 2020$2937$3959$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
30 Jan 202031 Jan 202012 Feb 2020$2937$3959$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
13 Feb 202014 Feb 202026 Feb 2020$2967$4011$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
20 Feb 202021 Feb 202004 Mar 2020$2967$4011$2200BOOK THIS TOUR
27 Feb 202028 Feb 202011 Mar 2020$3072$4200$2200BOOK THIS TOUR

* All prices in USD

Independent Dates & Rates

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***The above rates include the following services:***

  • Sharing transfer on arrival and departure (from/to Ben Gurion Airport)
  • 12 nights accommodation on BED & BREAKFAST basis
  • 2 dinners at Kibbutz hotel Lavi
  • Lunch and Spa at the Dead Sea area
  • Light lunch in a Bedouin tent on the way from Eilat to Tel Aviv
  • 8 touring days as per itinerary, with English speaking guide
  • Entrance fees to the sites visited as per itinerary
  • Jeep tour in the Galilee

The hotels appearing in the table might be replaced with similar ones.

***Not included services in our tour rates:***

  • Tips to guide/driver and Hotel staff.
  • Lunches en route on sightseeing days.

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We recently returned from a IBMT Tour for our son’s Bar Mitzvah and we all agree that it was the best vacation that we have taken to date.  The tour was well organized and the staff were friendly and very knowledgeable.  The events that they include in the tour include everything “must see” in Israel and activities that will make you laugh, cry, and everything in between.  The tour allows for activities for all ages and accommodates anyone who wants to do more or less than they have planned.  It is ...

Michael Rodney, Toronto, Canada

To Ornan and  IBMT Tours staff,

We just got back from tour with IBMT for our Bat Mitzvah Tour in Israel.

We are so glad we have chosen the right company for our tour as I can’t express my words of how wonderful this tour company was, starting before we left, the personal service they showed here back home and later the service in Israel with our great tour guide Natalie who was so informative on every place we went and what we saw. It was so wonderful to listen to a ...

Chana Pulvermacher, Brooklyn, NY - 2017

Dear Sheryl,

The visit to Israel was better than advertised. All of us had an awesome and inspiring vacation or as I call it, an education. Danny is one of the nicest and smartest men I have had the pleasure of meeting. He made the trip so special and I cannot imagine any other person showing us Israel but Danny.

Hotels were great but for Eilat, but no big deal. Food in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv restaurants were delicious. Sheila in Tel Aviv was extraordinary. Dinners at hotels just “so so”. Loved Mitzpe ...

Craig Savage,


Thank you very much for the IBMT Bat Mitzvah tour we just completed.  We had a fabulous time & there were lots of special little parts from the tour that contributed to that.  The different experiences for dinner were very special, and I liked the variety of different types of sites/attractions.  Our tour guide Natalie was excellent, and I heard good things from the other group about their guide Liat.

Thanks again

Adam Waese, OSHAWA, ONT

9 Days Holyland Tour

Sara / Ornan,

I had a fabulous time on this tour and highly recommend it to anyone interested.  We had an especially knowledgeable guide with us Doron Hoffman who as a history major added so much more information and had a great demeanor.  I was part of an international group and made some new friends.   




Janie Carpenter, US Embassy Moscow

Hi Ornan,

"Opting to celebrate our son's bar mitzvah this summer with IBMT is one of the best decisions we've ever made.  The itinerary took us to places around the country that I've never experienced on previous trips to Israel.  Experiencing our son's bar mitzvah atop Masada as opposed to a more rushed, crowded experience at the wall truly sets IBMT apart from other tour companies.  The professionalism of the IBMT staff both in North America and Israel was superb...everything was incredibly well organized and we were heartened ...

David M Zimmerman, Jericho, NY - 2017

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